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APG Neuros - Turbo Blower 

Air supply costs consume the largest portion of a conventional WWTP operating budget. For over fifteen years APG-Neuros has been reducing air supply costs by a minimum of 35% to as much as 55% in contrast with multi-stage and PD blowers for the vast majority of WWTP applications. APG Neuros is the industry founder and leader. Since its introduction the APG technology remains unsurpassed in performance and reliability. APG continues to lead the industry with automated DO control and remote monitoring systems.
The Turbo Blower is a “plug and play” technology. The complete system is delivered assembled and integrated inside a rigid and hermetic enclosure. APG’s unit is 55% smaller in footprint than conventional blowers. They are routinely installed outdoors within protective shelters throughout our market. Operators appreciate the AB touch screen for control, monitoring, and diagnostics.
The APG Turbo Blower typically pays for itself through power savings in less than five years, sometimes three. Aside from the power savings, the work environment is much safer because hearing protection is not required.

AquaTec INC - SAM Aeration 

AquaTec’s SAM, or Submersible Aerator-Mixer, is a basin floor mounted aerator and mixer. Independent third party tests on dirty water prove the bottom up aggressive aeration-mixing delivered by slow speed aerators are unsurpassed in efficiency. They have been used in Texas for over forty years.

The process works by a slow speed impeller that has a hollow hub through which processed air is pumped. This allows maximum distribution of the air into the surrounding liquid. This air-water mixing also increases oxygen transfer with substrate enhancing the overall biological synthesis and CBOD removal. Variable speed SAM units have a torque sensitive turbine with an intelligent driver that senses the load on the impeller and self-adjusts the impeller speed and/or the power.

The SAM delivers DO ratios based on pre-set or automated DO controlled systems. The SAM meets all the 217 TCEQ criteria for aeration technology that can be repaired without draining of the basin thereby eliminating basin redundancy.

Duperon Corp - Lift Station & Headworks Screens 

Duperon offers a full range of technologies for storm water, lift stations and WWTP headworks applications. Our customers know that each application requires a unique design approach so please set your sites on solving your application the proper way with Duperon.
Storm Water – The Duperon SCT is the standard by which all others are measured in Texas. It has been tested by large and small cities and found to be the most reliable and robust storm water screen technology. It is the most widely used storm water screen in Texas.
Lift Stations – Owners are moving toward intermediate screening to protect underground utilities and transmission technology. Lift stations are typically confined spaces. For these applications vertical screens are typically required. Duperon offers their proven FlexRake in a vertical configuration for these applications.
WWTP Headworks – Duperon offers both inclined and vertical configurations for typical headworks applications. The capture efficiency is determined by owner preference and application specifics. The capture efficiency is a function of the grate cleaning frequency and open area between the retaining bars or plates. Duperon® offers the full range of grate configurations from 1/2” to 3mm perforated plates.
Duperon is rated #1 in Texas because they are safest, most efficient and reliable screens available in the market. No application is too small or too large for Duperon screens. Operators understand this and in short order share their success experience!

Dynamic Water Control 

Dynamic Water Control Gates offer a broad range of Stainless Steel flow control gates for various applications. They can be utilized in sewage treatment, water filtration, drainage, and irrigation systems. Their slide gates are custom manufactured in order to provide you with the best quality product, and to ensure that it is a correct fit for your specifications.
Dynamic is setting the bar higher with better technology. When comparing their seal against the others, it is easy to see why they are the fastest growing slide gate brand in Texas.

Ceco Environmental


CECO is a global leader in air quality and fluid handling in regions around the world providing innovative technology and application expertise to customers across a variety of industries.

We are working to improve air quality, optimize the energy value chain and provide custom engineered solutions for applications across such industries as:

  • oil and gas
  • power generation
  • water and wastewater
  • battery production
  • poly silicon fabrication
  • chemical and petrochemical processing

Enduro INC - Tank Covers & Baffles SOUTH TEXAS ONLY

Enduro fiberglass tank covers and baffles are built upon thirty-five years of global leadership in research, development, and production. All of their fiberglass components are constructed with high-strength, corrosion resistant, pultruded fiberglass components providing long-term service.
Tank Covers – The XL6 Tank Cover System is designed with the needs of plant operators and installing contractors in mind. The XL6 Tank Cover System benefits include effective odor control, easy-to-remove sections, and long-span deck panels that offer foot traffic safety, plus a low profile advantage. Enduro SureGrip tank cover systems are ideal for channels, odd-shaped basins, or covers with numerous penetrations. Tuff Span FRP building panels and FRP structural components provide versatile configurations including low-profile, roof-type covers or raised, building-type covers adapting to your needs.
Baffles – Enduro offers a full range of in vessel or basin baffles. The construction of each is application dependent but Enduro offers the engineering staff support capable of determining the materials of construction required for the service life planned.

Envirodyne Systems

Envirodyne Systems Inc. was founded in 1971 in Camp Hill, PA, USA.
We custom design and manufacture a full range of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municipal and industrial applications.
Our experienced design team has built a reputation for providing high-quality, reliable equipment and imaginative solutions to unique problems.
Our goal is to provide responsive service, competitive prices and state-of-the-art design for today’s market, into the 21st century…and beyond.

Aerators, Aerobic Digestion, Algae Cleaning Systems, Anaerobic Digestion, Biological Processes, Clarifiers, Dewatering, Dissolved Gas Flotation, Drive Mechanisms,  Flocculation, Grit Removal, Full Circle™ Vortex Grit Systems, Mechanized Vortex Grit Systems, Grit Czar™ Non-Mechanized Vortex Grit Systems, OctoCell™ Tray Type Grit Removal Systems, Screening, Oil/Water Separation, Package Treatment Plants, Residuals Handling, Septage and Receiving, Thickeners

Franklin Miller

Franklin Miller (FM) long known for their “Best in Class” in channel grinders, is expanding their scope into headworks screening and debris washing. Grinders – The TaskMaster in channel grinder dominates the market with indexed grinder heads that permits inset cutter blade replacements. No dual auger in channel grinder performs better or costs less to own. Headworks Screening – FM offers several types of screens for small to medium sized WWTP applications.
The SpiraLift auger type screen is an economical small channel screen with several debris discharge options.

The Screen Master step screen is well suited for small to medium headworks applications. Typical Step Screens offer high capture rates but have been a source of high ownership costs. Step screens convey the captured debris up the screen via hundreds of thin gauge metal plates. The Franklin-Miller ScreenMaster step screen incorporates a proprietary ramp at the base of the screen that directs debris away from the known jam points.

The Spiralift SC Screenings Conditioner provides a two-step process for grinding and washing screenings debris. Its vertical stack configuration can be easily installed behind most screens from the industry. The Spiralift SC washer compactor utilizes a rugged TASKMASTER Screenings Grinder ahead of the washing cycle. After grinding the ground solids are intensively washed to remove contaminants and organics. The processed solids are discharged as uniform particles in a compacted plug, for disposal.

H2O Innovations - Bio-Wheel 

H2O Innovation’s Bio-Wheel Aerator process will replace the conventional oxidation ditch in Texas because it solves the capacity limitations oxidation ditch owners experience during the warmest months. The Bio-Wheel delivers consistent DO via better mixing and slower speed aeration.
The H2O process is best suited for 2 MGD or smaller WWTPs. The Bio-Wheel process combines an activated sludge and fixed film process into a single system. Aeration and mixing is provided via large diameter basin mounted hollow plate wheel. The wheel is a multi-purpose tool for biological treatment. The outer surface provides a base for bacteria growth while the hollow plates entrap oxygen. The slow rotation provides full basin mixing while aerating. No blowers are required. It is the same process as taking a cup and trapping air within it as you plunge it beneath the water’s surface.


Nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) , Ultrafiltration (UF) and microfiltration (MF) , Membrane Bioreactor process, , biological wastewater treatment, the Bio-Wheel™, is an integrated fixed-film activated sludge (IFAS) rotating aerator, Multimedia and greensand filtration systems,  Polymeric or mineralic insoluble ion exchangers are widely used for water softening, water purification, water decontamination, etc. / Electrodeionization utilizes electricity, ion exchange membranes and resin to deionize water and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water.

LobePro - Displacement Pumps 

LobePro Rotary Pumps currently manufactures 13 models of positive displacement rotary lobe pumps divided into three series: S-Series (sludge/slurry and general use) pumps, C-Series (chemical/and corrosive resistant) pumps, and D-Series (duplex pumps and abrasive applications).

LobePro’s rotary lobe pumps can pump sludge to and from thickeners, separators (such as belt presses, centrifuges, and rotary presses), digesters, and clarifiers. They are in fact suitable for pumping any wastewater treatment plant sludge once hard solids over 1/8” and grit are removed. LobePro can provide an in-line grinder, filter or knock-out tank to remove hard solids larger than 1/8” if necessary.

NeoTec UV - UV Disinfection 

NeoTec simplifies UV disinfection for small to medium WWTP applications. NeoTec delivers Title 22 approved performance with amalgam lamps, ballasts and controllers commonly found in the USA from USA manufacturers. NeoTec uses the Sun Horse ballasts from California and they carry a five-year warranty.

The NeoTec EcoSet EOL series provides important design benefits when a low pressure high output horizontal lamp configuration is required. Specifically, NeoTec provides one ballast per lamp. Each sleeve is automatically and individually cleaned by a standard issue wiper.

The EcoSet design moves the controls and ballasts to above the floodline thereby limiting the flood loss to a small wiper motor.
Use the NeoTec approach to remove the mystery of UV system design. It is easy to get started, just plan for ten lamps per MGD of effluent. From there we can help you decide the level of redundancy, flow control and monitoring works for you.


INVENT develops produces and globally implements innovative components, systems and processes for the treatment of water and wastewater.

INVENT focuses on applications in the municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.



The product portfolio spans the following areas:

  • innovative stirring and mixing technology
  • innovative aeration technology
  • intelligent system solutions
  • engineering & consulting
  • software products

Scinor - Filter Modules 

Scinor provides market leading flux rate performance with modules designed to be direct replacements for several of the well-known brands including Pall. Recent TCEQ reviewed pilot tests indicate Scinor delivers the performance advertised.

Scinor’s replacement modules are designed to offer “plug and play” convenience. Their modules offer an “outside-in” flow path and are a true “TIPS” membrane with PVDF fibers. Their modules are suitable for all water treatment flow ranges from the smallest to the largest applications.

WTP - Headworks 

Wastewater Treatment Process Equipment (WTP) manufactures a complete line of technologies designed for small to medium WWTPs.
The WTP Vortex Grit Removal system is one of the most innovative products to remove inorganics from the wastewater stream. The automatic grit removal begins



ISHIGAKI equipment design and development is based on efficiency, productivity, technological innovation and the effective treatment of commodities while at the same time paying due consideration to environmental considerations.


  • Fully Automatic Operation / No operator attention required
  • Excess Throughput Capacity
  • High Cake Solids
  • Efficient Solid Capture
  • Low Polymer Usage

The mission of Midwestern Fabricators is to provide a quality product that meets all applicable specifications at a competitive price for the FRP industry, ensuring top-notch customer service.


MWF is a competitive supplier of the following 
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP):
• Troughs (radius and flat bottom) 
• Weirs and baffles
• Ductwork
• Volume control dampers
• Pressure Piping
• Cover Systems 
• (Segmented dome, composite flat, and arch style) 
• Tanks
• Pressure/Vacuum Vessels

Mixing Systems, Inc. was founded in 1985 by Prakash R. Bathija, P.E., one of the early developers of jet mixing and jet aeration technologies. Since its beginnings, Mixing Systems, Inc. has been a preferred provider of submerged jet aeration and jet mixing systems. With hundreds of installations operating worldwide, our success and reputation are the direct results of a commitment to product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Jet aerators use the ejector method of contacting gases and liquids. The jet consists of a double nozzle arrangement. Each jet has a primary nozzle, an intermediate high shear mixing chamber, and an outer secondary nozzle.

The high-velocity plume from the secondary nozzle travels horizontally, spreading throughout the tank volume before riding to the surface.
This high-pressure condition gives the gas bubbles a greater opportunity to dissolve in the liquid, increasing the oxygen transfer efficiency.
The jet plume also creates good molecular dispersion, sending oxygen molecules to microorganisms much faster. Such intimate mixing of reactants assures effective process operation.
Our highly durable mixing and aeration manifolds are manufactured in Ohio. We have long-standing, preferred OEM relationships with the several of the most reputable recirculation pump and air blower manufacturers in order to supply our customers with a complete jet mixing processing system that we can stand behind.
United Blower's team of talented engineers partner with engineers across the United States, Canada, and around the world to deliver first class water and waste-water treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial markets.

Aqua Equip Technologies LLC (AET) is a manufacturer and consulting firm for tube settler, biofilm attached growth and aeration diffuser systems. We are working together with the lead manufacturers for drinking water and waste water components in the United States to always supply our customers with state of the art technologies.

Our mission is to contribute with all efforts to the improvement of water quality worldwide and to raise awareness for the true value of water.

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CleanTek Water Solutions is a leading supplier of equipment and solutions for process water, industrial wastewater, and municipal wastewater applications.  Our company focus is on providing cost-effective, high performance technologies with a customer-centric delivery process. CleanTek’s industry knowledge and resources enables us to provide our customers with products that are engineered for high efficiency, reduced maintenance, and low energy consumption. We truly believe that our ability to utilize high quality engineered systems to achieve stellar results in each individual application is unmatched in the industry. Diverse resources, extensive industry knowledge, and a wide product line enables CleanTek to deliver the best solution each and every time.

C.E. Shepherd proudly leads the way in manufacturing programs and practices to reduce our carbon footprint and has developed methods to reduce our energy consumption. We consistently monitor air emissions, storm water runoff, and waste water discharge. We also recycle 100% of our steel and plastic scrap. Our products are fabricated from domestic steel and plastic that contains up to 85% recycled content.

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Without sufficient biological activity present to consume the dissolved compounds in a wastewater lagoon, it is very easy for the discharged water to become non-compliant. WCS understands the importance of biological activity in reducing the levels of contaminants that can harm our waterways. While developing the Bio-Dome, WCS focused on creating optimal conditions to enhance and sustain robust biological activity.

To significantly enhance the biological activity in a wastewater lagoon, there are two core needs: aeration and lots of surface area for biofilm development. Our Bio-Domes simply and effectively introduce the needed air and the requisite surface area into existing water bodies without exorbitant capital costs. Additionally, the unique design of the Bio-Domes results in a high Oxygen Transfer Efficiency (OTE) with a minimum of energy input. Our systems typically require one-third the amount of energy as most aeration systems for the same performance.